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Steve Kerr not considering Arizona head coaching job, but ‘I will offer my help’

Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics Photo by Omar Rawlings/Getty Images

Steve Kerr has thought about coaching the Arizona men’s basketball program.

Just not this time around.

Kerr, the head coach of the Golden State Warriors, was asked Thursday about his interest in the Arizona job and gave an honest answer.

“I have thought about coaching my alma mater. But I have a great job right now coaching the Warriors. I’m not going anywhere, but I’m very interested in what happens. I have a lot of love for my alma mater and definitely want to thank Sean (Miller) for his 12 years of commitment to the school. He had some great years and did a lot of great things. I really am supportive of everything that the university is going to do going forward. If they need my help, I will offer my help.”

Kerr was never expected to give serious consideration to filling the Arizona vacancy—he once said he doesn’t have any interest in coaching in college—but it’s nevertheless interesting to learn that he’s given thought to coaching the Wildcats.

Widely viewed as one of the greatest Arizona players of all time, Steve Kerr played four seasons in Tucson and was a member of the program’s first Final Four berth in 1988.

Kerr went on to play 16 seasons in the NBA before transitioning to broadcasting, front office positions including General Manager of the Phoenix Suns, and eventually coaching.

The 55-year old has coached the Warriors since 2014, where he has won three NBA championships.

All the while, Kerr has remained a vocal supporter of Arizona Athletics, which is why some figured he might be interested in becoming the school’s next men’s basketball coach.

Though Kerr won’t be returning to Tucson anytime soon, his comments Thursday suggest he wants to stay involved with the program in whatever way he can.