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Gisela Sanchez to transfer from Arizona women’s basketball

Gisela Sanchez
Photo by Mike Mattina / Arizona Athletics

Arizona women’s basketball brought in a lot of new faces for the 2021-22 season. In all, the group consisted of freshmen Anna Gret Asi, Aaronette Vonleh, and Gisela Sanchez and transfers Taylor Chavez, Ariyah Copeland, and Koi Love. Freshman Madi Conner had joined the team early.

With the season two weeks in the rearview mirror, the only two currently slated to return for a second year are Chavez and Conner.

Sanchez joined Asi, Vonleh, Love, and sophomore Derin Erdogan in the transfer portal. The departure of Sanchez was first reported by PJ Brown of the Arizona Daily Star. It has since been confirmed by head coach Adia Barnes on Twitter. Barnes posted, “I love (Sanchez)! I’m helping her find a good situation.”

Of the three freshmen who arrived in the fall, Sanchez played the most minutes and in the most critical games. She appeared in 20 of the Wildcats’ 29 games and averaged 7.3 minutes per game. She played in 11 of the team’s 18 Pac-12 games and both NCAA Tournament games.