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Arizona women’s basketball releases dates and times for nonconference games

Arizona v New Mexico Photo by Sam Wasson/Getty Images

It has been slow going to get dates and times for Arizona women’s basketball. Fans have reported being told that the schedule was delayed due to the lack of dates and times for Pac-12 games. That left season ticket holders with no information about the nonconference slate with less than two weeks to go before exhibition games. Arizona Athletics finally addressed that on Saturday.

The dates and times for nonconference games have been set for some time. Arizona’s opponents had started listing those games on their own schedules, forcing Wildcat season ticket holders to track down dates and times using visiting teams' websites to make plans. Fans can now use the schedule on the Arizona Athletics’ site for that purpose.

The Arizona women’s basketball schedule still does not list dates or times for Pac-12 games. The conference has released a “shell” of the schedule that lists which teams play on which weekends. However, it does not list the exact dates or times for any games. Some conference games are set to be played in mid-December.

The Arizona schedule also still lacks television and streaming information for nonconference games. In some cases, those games may appear on the Pac-12 Networks. Some are scheduled to be played on ESPN networks. Some will be streamed on Arizona Live Stream.

The Arizona men’s basketball schedule was released on Oct. 6. It features all games, including conference games, and all television and streaming information for the entire season.