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Jaden Bradley figuring out his role with Arizona

jaden-bradley-ut-arlington-arizona-basketball-pac-12-tommy-lloyd-michigan-state-acrisure-classic Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

Jaden Bradley is a big piece to Arizona’s depth, though he struggled offensively in the first four games of the season. That changed Sunday when the Alabama transfer had his best statistical game in the win against UT- Arlington.

“For a guy to become authentically good, which he will be and he is, you can’t like script it,” coach Tommy Lloyd said. “It’s got to kind of come within the system, within the flow of the game. And I thought he found his opportunities today and really took advantage of it and it was great.”

Bradley scored 13 points and made 5 of 7 shots, adding two assists and no turnovers. In the four games prior he was averaging just four points a game while shooting 30 percent from the field.

“JB, I thought, played obviously his best statistical game today,” Lloyd said. “He’s been rock solid for the most part, but he’s a really good player and I want him to kind of find his way in this program.”

After the win, Bradley said that he felt the most comfortable that he had felt all season and gave credit to everyone around the program for building his confidence.

“I had a couple games under my belt, coaches were in my ear, my teammates in my ear giving me that confidence,” Bradley said. “It felt great today.”

Bradley has played close to 20 minutes a game this season and UA will need consistent play from him coming off the bench. He found success by letting the game come to him and trusting Lloyd's system.

“Just playing Arizona basketball, getting multiple ball screens, getting two feet in the paint and taking the right shot. And it was going in tonight,” Bradley said.