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Kylan Boswell enjoying sophomore jump in what should be freshman season

arizona-wildcats-kylan-boswell-mens-basketball-reclassify-sophomore-tommy-lloyd-point-guard-2023 Zachary BonDurant-USA TODAY Sports

After reclassifying a year ago, Kylan Boswell is ahead of schedule in his development compared to if this were his first season at Arizona.

“Definitely way farther than I would have been if I was in my freshman year," Boswell said Thursday. "Having an advantage of knowing how college basketball works, pace of the game. I already know what the coaches want from me, I already played with some of the guys from last year, too. Definitely a great head start.”

Boswell started off the 2023-24 season on fire before the Michigan State game, shooting 65 percent from the field and 68 percent from 3-point range, numbers that carried over from the tail end of his freshman year. He credited his shooting to being more comfortable on the court, no longer worried about making a mistake and having it impact his playing time.

“I know playing time was going up a little bit more and I didn’t feel so stressed in the beginning of the year,” Boswell said. “Now a starter, main player for the team, I think it’s just my game coming to the surface.”

Boswell had his worst shooting game against Michigan State, going 5 of 15 overall and 2 of 7 from outside, but still he wanted to let the game come to him.

“The first half was just there for me and the second half I kind of wasn’t really feeling it as much,” Boswell said. “I was not trying to force the game to myself. I had a shot, I feel like I would shoot it if I didn’t, let my teammates go crazy.”

Boswell has stepped into more of a leadership role this season, becoming more vocal on the court with his teammates.

Tommy Lloyd sees huge potential in his young guard.

“I think Kylan’s in a sweet spot as a player right now where I think there’s a big jump which is waiting there for him to take it,” Lloyd said. “And I’m not saying he needs to take it or he’s gonna take it the next game but I think just we’re gonna see that trend in the next month or two where he’s really going to continue to grow as a player.”

UA’s schedule gets harder the next month as it faces Colgate, Wisconsin, No. 1 Purdue, No. 23 Alabama and No. 13 Florida Atlantic. Boswell is looking forward to the competition and proving UA doubters wrong.

“I love it, I’m a big competitor myself," he said. "It’s awesome to know that we’re going to be playing ranked teams throughout these next few weeks."