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Arizona women’s basketball without forward Montaya Dew for the year

Arizona freshman forward Montaya Dew
Photo courtesy of Arizona Athletics

Arizona women’s basketball has lost an important frontcourt player before the season for the second year in a row. The program announced Friday morning that freshman forward Montaya Dew was to undergo surgery and miss the season.

While the program did not elaborate on the type of injury or surgery, Dew was spotted outside McKale Center with a black brace on her left leg early this week. The brace covered her entire leg, stretching from upper thigh to ankle.

Dew enrolled early last January in hopes of gaining early experience with the system. She was expected to be an important piece of the Arizona lineup, finding time at both forward positions but primarily on the wing. Who picks up that time is unknown, but the Wildcats are down to 11 healthy players before the season starts for the second year in a row.

Last year, former Wildcat Lauren Ware underwent surgery before the season and did not play all year.