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What Tommy Lloyd said after Arizona’s loss at Washington State

arizona-wildcats-basketball-tommy-lloyd-comments-washington-state-cougars-pac-12 James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats dropped their second straight Pac-12 road game on Saturday, falling to Washington State 73-70 in Pullman. Coach Tommy Lloyd spoke to the media afterwards. Here’s what he said.

Lloyd on his takeaway from the loss: “It’s always tough on the road and we knew that. We have a lot of respect for Washington State. Kyle’s a great coach and they came in with a good plan today and got us a little bit uncomfortable and we were never able to sort it out for a big enough section in the game to make a big run.”

On whether the game was different than the Stanford loss? “I’m not into comparing losses. What I see is an average basketball team, okay, that has these really high moments and then they relax. That’s what I see. So we got to figure that out as a coaching staff, whether that’s shaking up the lineup. I mean these are all things I got to think about, changing what we do. But everything’s on the table.”

On Arizona’s poor shooting: “We missed a bunch of layups. And I told our guys, if you want to win games in the NCAA Tournament they don’t call fouls in the charge circle. We’re built to finish those shots. We didn’t. Individual responsibility. You get it in there, you got to finish.”

On playing Jaden Bradley over Kylan Boswell for large stretches: “Jaden’s been playing well. He got us in a flow of the game. His plus minus has been great, not that I use that as a major criteria all the time. But Kylan just didn’t have that look tonight, and he’s got to figure that out. Guy was a heck of a player. I don’t care how old he is, he’s good enough to play well on the road and he hasn’t. So he needs to figure that out.”

On what might have contributed to the team’s struggles: “I don’t know. I mean, listen, I don’t know. I’m the coach. I’m responsible. So I gotta help these guys. Me and my staff got to get together. We got to play better on the road. Washington State gets a ton of credit. They beat us straight up today.”

On what makes Isaac Jones tough to stop: “He’s a unique player. You got a big that can kind of handle the ball multiple dribbles, get to post up from different scenarios, creates foul pressure. He’s got a supreme right hand jump hook. So you try to cheat and take that away. I mean, he gets other stuff and he does a great job at the end of the play going through your chin and he has soft, soft touch. His ball goes in. He had a couple of layups there at the end, I thought we’re gonna roll out and they they hung in and they stayed in. That’s a credit to him and soft touch for a big man and a ball that goes in, it’s a premium skill.”

On Arizona’s rebounding advantage: “We missed a lot of shots. There’s a lot of rebounds available.”

On whether the effort was there: “It obviously wasn’t good enough. I’m not going to sit here and dissect this or that. We want to play better. We’re capable of playing better. Today we didn't. Washington State gets a ton of credit. I’m the head coach. The buck stops with me. I’m responsible for making sure we are better in these situations. So we’ll do what we always do. we’re gonna hang together. You know why? Because it’s all we got. We’re going to hang together because it’s all we got and we love each other. So we’re going to hang together and look forward to getting back home. We got a tough homestand against the LA schools which we know is going to be tough. I know is going to be tough. So we got to prepare for that and we don’t need to look anything beyond any of next week.”

On whether he might change the starting lineup: “I don’t know. I haven’t made any decisions yet.”

On Caleb Love’s aggression: “I think it’s simple. Caleb’s a competitive guy. When we get to those moments, he’s not afraid to shoulder the burden. We need some other guys to step up and help him shoulder that burden. And then maybe he’ll feel less inclined to be so aggressive but his teammates have to make him feel that. Now, he has to let them. It’s a two-way street. But I’m not putting anything on Caleb. I mean, he gave us an opportunity to win that game with some of the things he did on offense and we just didn’t capitalize on them.”

On whether he wanted Love to attempt a game-tying three in the final seconds: “I’m obviously very comfortable with the ball in his hands. It’s tough. You’re coming down and, are they switching? Are they in zone? There’s a lot of scenarios going on there. I wish we would have gotten a better shot but we didn’t and I’ll have to go back and take a look at that.”

On looking at tape of the game: “I’ve been coaching at this level for 25 years. I’m going to put the game on my computer and watch it like I always have. It’s been pretty successful so I’m not gonna panic.”

On whether there was anything unique Washington State did on defense: “They did what they’ve been doing. They played zone more than we’ve been playing all year, but traditionally we’ve been a good zone offense team and now we got to figure that out with this outfit.”