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3 keys for Arizona against the Washington Huskies

The Arizona Wildcats face the Washington Huskies with both teams at 3-3. How will they stop U-Dub?

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

  • The Arizona Wildcats' secondary must be on point against a Washington Huskies offense that is looking to return to last year's stellar form. Keith Price has a makeshift offensive line in front of him, but against Arizona's poor pass rush, that might not be a big issue. Expect Price to have a big day, but it'll be less big if the UA secondary can make him work for it.
  • Just like they did against Stanford two weeks ago, the Wildcats should be able to put up yardage against a defense that has already shown much better against pro-style offenses than the spreads. Matt Scott beat on Stanford's defense by taking it outside at first, getting the run game going and then finding inside receivers like Johnny Jackson across the middle for gains of first-down yardage and then some.
  • Simply put, Arizona should be happy to be back at home in front of its crowd. They didn't take advantage of that last time out against the Oregon State Beavers. They must against a very capable Husky squad. Get Arizona Stadium loud, keep them loud and play off the energy.