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Matt Scott injury: Quarterback leaves UCLA game with possible concussion

A week after Matt Scott controversially played with a potential concussion, he left the UCLA Bruins game with an apparent head injury.

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

Matt Scott left the Arizona Wildcats game against the UCLA Bruins with six minutes to play in the third quarter after taking a hit while dropping back for a pass. It came one week after a controversial decision to play Scott after he took a hit against USC.

Scott left to the locker room against UCLA after video showed the quarterback coming in contact with a defender's knee and then hitting his head on the turf. Pac-12 Networks reported that Scott was asked several questions by trainers and struggled to answer. He clearly looked dazed once he finally got up from the hit.

One week ago against the USC Trojans, Scott was hit on a sliding run. He proceeded to vomit and was eventually pulled from the game.

The senior went 15-for-25 for 124 yards as the Bruins dominated Arizona. The Bruins led 45-10 when Scott left the game.

Scott later said that he wasn't concussed and was vomiting because he was tired, something he apparently had a history of doing. But Saturday, television feeds showed that something wasn't right as Scott appeared shaken.

Quarterback B.J. Denker took over for Scott in the third quarter and fumbled on a carry on the series. UCLA scored on their next possession to take a 52-10 lead.