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Video: Shutdown Fullback previews the New Mexico Bowl

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Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall preview how to enjoy the New Mexico clash between the Arizona Wildcats and Nevada Wolf Pack. Hint: champagne and trampolines.


I'll give you the bad news first.

The Arizona Wildcats aren't heading to Las Vegas. You knew that already. But you also were probably hoping that RichRod and crew weren't going to Albuquerque to play in the New Mexico Bowl. Now that you've had time to sulk, know this.

The good news is that the actually game should be a good one. The Nevada Wolf Pack bring their own very unique but entertaining offense to face the Wildcats' high-scoring attack, and it'll be a clash between two of the very best running backs in the nation. Kyle Kensing did a podcast over at No 2-minute Warning to preview the game -- there's a lot of good stuff on the Wolf Pack and running back Stefphon Jefferson in there -- and that gives us some good reason to be excited.

Let's just say that defensive enthusiasts will want to consider other options.

Again, we'd like to reiterate the downside. It is in Albuquerque, which I've been told is sort of like Tucson (except I imagine without the fun. One time I went there for a System of a Down concert to relive middle school -- don't ask -- and it was a pretty sketchy time to say the least).

Above, you'll notice in Shutdown Fullback's video, Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall tell us that the trophy is actually Native American pottery bastardized with promotional logos. I've double-checked and surprisingly enough, they are correct, but when I think about it, that would make sense considering every billboard from Tucson to New Mexico is promoting authentic Native American art that was likely produced in China (and with high amounts of lead, no doubt).

Anyway, make note: it's important to have trampolines in the backyard and champagne chilling when Saturday rolls up.

Good thing the game starts at 11 a.m. Tucson time. New Mexico stops selling alcohol at like midnight.

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