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3 keys for Arizona against Oregon State

The Arizona Wildcats must get back to basics against the Oregon State Beavers.

The Arizona Wildcats' biggest area of concern against the Oregon State Beavers just might be their egos. After the rout at the hands of Oregon last week, UA must not get caught up in the turnovers that hurt an otherwise decent performance against the Ducks.

While the Beavers present their own set of problems, a crowd on Arizona's side should come in handy no matter Mike Riley's success in Tucson during the recent years. What do the Wildcats have to do in order to win?

  • The Wildcats must keep their eyes on the football. Oregon State's receiver sweeps will make it necessity to react quickly and also diagnose defensive assignments once the ball is snapped.
  • Matt Scott must remain calm and collected. His interceptions last week were due to miscommunications with his receivers, and some of his incompletions were thanks to Scott getting a little too excited and missing easy throws. That probably comes down to maintaining his mechanics.
  • The Arizona offense can succeed against a stout Beavers front seven if it remains aggressive with the run game, even if it's not going well at first. Rich Rodriguez's team can also loosen up the OSU defense by using some wide receiver screens to stretch out the field and open up a hole or two for Ka'Deem Carey.