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Arizona football: Punt flag Tumblr blog and Twitter handle are things

Arizona infamous Punt Flag made its debut against USC. Now it's a big deal.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


So this punt flag made an appearance during the USC game on Thursday. Like all internet themes, memes, GIFs and the like, the opportunity to capitalize is there. So now, somebody is doing just that.

It would appear by the Tumblr account and the Twitter account that an ASU fan could be running it, but that's OK by us. The punt flag is especially great and should the season go south, it'll give us another good reason to laugh for no good reason. Punt Flag embodies harmless humor, even if it represents the, you know, quarterback situation.

The Tumblr blog is especially a treat. Believe it or not, Punt Flag goes back to George Washington's crossing of the Delaware, among other things.