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Arizona football 2013: What musical band are they?

Avinash Kunnath of Pacific Takes asked us to compare the Wildcats to musicians. This is what we think.

Kevin Casey

If you were to compare Arizona football 2013 to a music band, they'd be ______________ because ________________________.

Kevin Zimmerman: I can't think of a band that's like Arizona, but the Wildcats remind me of Flo Rida. There have been great successes, but those successes haven't come without the help of feature artists like Sia and Ke$ha (RichRod's Sia and Ke$ha are Matt Scott and Austin Hill). Otherwise, Flo Rida is generally really terrible. When he's on and you're all alone in the car, you change the channel. But sometimes you're drinking with friends, and that all convinces you, "I'm down with this. Why the hell not?"

Jason Bartel:
Hootie and the Blowfish. Ka'Deem is Darius Rucker, he'll go on and have his own career after hanging out with this cast of characters.  And I needed someone to Hold my Hand during parts of the Washington game.

Adam Butler: INXS. Because they're searching for their lead singer. Not sure if you remember the reality show that was hunting for a new lead man for this 80s rock band. They had all their working parts that were solid, not great, but they were missing that integral main guy. They settled on J.D. Fortune. You've still never really heard of INXS.

What band do you think the Wildcats are like?