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Arizona fans paint ASU's A Mountain early

The Duel in the Desert is here ... earlier than expected. Arizona Wildcats fans apparently struck Arizona State's A Mountain two weeks prior to the teams' matchup.

Fox News' helicopter took a spin whirl around Tempe's A Mountain early Thursday morning and discovered that it had been painted red. With Arizona's game on Saturday against Oregon leading into the Duel in the Desert, we assume that some Arizona Wildcats fans jumped the gun to catch ASU off guard.

3 TV got a shot of the Sun Devils' A Mountain when things brightened up a bit. They also have a gallery of pictures and a video.

Helicopter pilot and ASU fan Bruce Haffner was not impressed.

"They snuck in in the middle of the night, under cloak of darkness," Haffner said. "They didn't do that good of a job though. It looks like a rush job. ... If there were going to do this, they should have done a little bit of a nicer job painting it."

Arizona State plays UCLA this weekend in a battle for the Pac-12 South, and Arizona plays the Oregon Ducks before facing ASU during Thanksgiving weekend. Maybe it's a bit looking ahead, but the Wildcat fans probably are wary about the Sun Devils' recent push to protect their A from getting the treatment.

ASU students were probably going to get a Google Doc together to plan out shifts for watching over their A Mountain.