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Oregon football goes to Dirtbag's

The Oregon football team takes no rest stops, except when faced with passing up a Dirtbag's experience.

The Oregon Ducks visit Arizona for a Saturday football game, but this timely picture was taken by our Twitter follower @EaPolanco. It's the Ducks' equipment semi, which in this still appears to be stopped in front of well-known Tucson party bar, Dirtbag's. This is funny if we pretend Oregon is stopping at Dirtbag's, especially because the back of the Oregon equipment semi appears to say "No rest stops."

Also at the intersection of Campbell and Speedway is the newly-refurbished aLoft hotel, Bruegger's Bagels and Boston Market.

In making an assumption -- you know what they say about assumptions -- we assume the Ducks are stopping for reasons at these probabilities:

  1. 80 percent ... Dirtbag's, because, in the words of Rob Gronkowski (7:30 mark), you know why.
  2. 15 percent ... Bruegger's Bagels, because nobody can start a day strong without it.
  3. 4 percent ... aLoft, because it's a decent place to stay -- and there's a bar inside.
  4. 1 percent ... Boston Market. Does anyone like Boston Market?

Oh hell. They are probably just going to Taco Bell.