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Nick Foles passes for 7 touchdowns for Eagles, sets NFL record

Former Arizona Wildcats quarterback Nick Foles put his name into the NFL history books Sunday with a huge performance that led to the Philadelphia Eagles beating the Oakland Raiders.

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe NFL fans thought it was surprising that Nick Foles returned from a concussion and an 11-for-29 day to play well. But "well" isn't the right word. "Record-breaking" is a better one. "Historic" is another.

And it wasn't all that surprising to us who have followed Foles' career and know of his resiliency.

The Philadelphia Eagles quarterback and former Arizona Wildcats gunslinger threw for a record-tying seven touchdowns and 406 yards without an interception in a 49-20 win against the Raiders. He completed 22-of-28 passes, and even though Foles' season number read six touchdowns, no interceptions and a 57.8 completion percentage prior to Sunday's game, everyone seemed surprised.

That's the main ESPN Twitter with 7.4 million followers. OK, so maybe it's just one game but that's not Kevin Kolb putting up big numbers. It's a player taken in the third round of the draft who has shown promising signs he's more than a backup quarterback.

So maybe it surprised the social media savant at ESPN, FOX and even our pals at the Solid Verbal. It also surprised the brother of Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Marcus Vick went on a bit of a Twitter rant the last time Foles was playing. He has not tweeted in the last 24 hours.

To be fair, I apparently didn't think Foles would have that big of a game today. I sat him on my fantasy team.

But hey, at least I think enough of him to be on it, right?