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Do Arizona State football fans understand how puns work?

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A trash-talking trend at the 2013 Territorial Cup pointed at the Arizona Wildcats didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Above, you'll notice two pictures that refer to the Arizona Wildcats as pussy cats. Considering the context, that's apparent and fine. Yes, the Wildcats were soft little kittens in how they played the Sun Devils on Saturday. But it's impossible for any human being who enjoys a little bit of potty humor to avoid wondering about whether or not this is a pun.

A pun is a play on words. And it's sort of hard to argue this is an inadvertent or unconscious pun.

Clearly, they are saying they eat cats with forks, which Arizona State clearly did by dropping the Wildcats in the Territorial Cup on Saturday by a 58-21 score. Is it a one-time thing? Do they make shirts that say they eat Trojans with forks? Bruins with forks? Fighting Irish with forks? I wouldn't think it's weird to eat Ducks with forks, I suppose.

We'll tack it up as ASU fans not understanding how to do a pun right. Because if these things were meant as a puns, we are certainly even more glad to be Wildcats.