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Rob Gronkowski's character more invincible than his body

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Injuries have kept Rob Gronkowski from fulfilling his enormous contract, but he remains a face of positivity among pro athletes, even in his darkest times.

This is Rob Gronkowski now. The picture was supposedly snapped at a Rhode Island area Whole Foods. That's a multi-million dollar man zipping around in one of those grocery store scooters.

And that's far from the image the former Arizona Wildcat tight end probably saw himself taking on.

Broken arms, bad surgery, a back problem and now a destroyed knee have brought Gronkowski back down to earth.

This was the man that, even at Arizona, became a legend because of his invincibility. A few summers ago, he was one of the most watched NFL players for reasons beyond the field. He was hanging out with porn stars, was open about being cool if he had a gay teammate, and went on a game to find himself stunned that some chick was a virgin. When he broke his arm, TMZ and the rest of the media that think pro athletes aren't allowed to have fun outside of football criticized him for DANCING.

Of course, he'd soon be overshadowed by his fellow Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. Those who previously went through the effort to discuss whether Gronkowski took his job seriously or not suddenly looked foolish. The topic of the criticisms went from dancing to murder. Read again: dancing to murder.

And as gripping as the Hernandez murder trial was from an entertainment standpoint, it's hardly the topic anymore. It's gone cold. It's depressing.

Gronkowski, no matter how much he's failed to live up to his historic contract, is still the media's favorite football player. And that's considering we don't know if he'll ever be the same football player again.

The image of Gronk driving a scooter at Whole Foods wouldn't even be worth mentioning if it were anyone else. A wheelchair-bound Gronk with a onesie and reindeer beanie visiting a children's hospital is proof that, though mortal in build, Gronkowski is an invincible character and a refreshingly positive one at that.

The fiesta that is Rob Gronkowski continues.