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Arizona vs. Boston College, Advocare V100 Bowl: Comparing B.J. Denker and Chase Rettig

There's other players besides Ka'Deem and Andre2K in this game after all...

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the Advocare V100 Bowl (calling it Independence from here on out) has the compelling match up of the two best running backs in the nation, Andre Williams and Ka'Deem Carey.

Both players have been named the two first-team RBs in virtually every All-American announcement, and the pure numbers of these two back up that they are undoubtedly the two best players at their position this season.

But, what about the other guys in the backfield, the quarterbacks?  Two senior QBs nonetheless.

In the Arizona Wildcats corner is B.J. Denker, who came into this season with just one career start (2012 vs. Colorado), and a lot of doubters, saying he wouldn't be able to compete in the big games.

For the Boston College Eagles stands Chase Rettig, who has started each of the last 44 Boston College games.

So it may be surprising that Mr. Denker actually has the better numbers this season.

Completions Attempts Comp. % INTs Yards TDs YPG
Denker 216 357 60.5 7 2241 14 186.8
Rettig 146 237 61.6 6 1804 17 150.3

Rettig had his most yards passing this season against Villanova (285 yards), and threw four TD passes against Florida State.

This is his 2013 highlight video put together by BC

That throwing motion though.

You may have noticed some runs in that highlight video, but don't let that fool you.  Rettig had just 80 total rushing yards this season.  Denker had 898.  Rettig also had one rushing TD.  Denker had 12.

Boston College also played a game against USC this season, so here's a look at how Rettig and Denker did against the Trojans (BC played USC before Kiffin was fired).  BC lost to USC 35-7. Arizona lost 38-31.

Comp Att Comp. % Yards TD INT
Denker 28 44 63.6 363 4 0
Rettig 11 24 45.8 83 0 0

While this was Denker's single-game career-high in passing yards, it was Rettig's third-lowest yards in a game this season.  He threw for just 53 against NC State and 57 against UNC.

Apparently he doesn't like playing those North Carolina schools.

After that UNC game, there was some question as to whether Rettig was the right guy to be leading his team, and Addazio left no room for interpretation that no one else gave them a better chance to win, sort of like how RichRod defended Denker after the Washington game.

Here's an interview that Rettig did before the season with the ACC digital network, where his leadership is brought up, as well as his comfort level with leading wide receiver Alex Amidon

Amidon has 895 receiving yards this year.  The guy with the second-most receiving yards is Mike Naples at 198.

Comparing that to Arizona's receiving corps, Nate Phillips leads the team with just 503 yards, but Terrence Miller, Samajie Grant and Garic Wharton all have at least 290 receiving yards.  And Trey Griffey came on late in the last three games to pick up 129 yards of his own.

This video from the ACC with BC head coach Steve Addazio is kind of funny looking back on it, with the ACC guys asking about the Eagles' "depleted run game".....right

Basically what I'm trying to show here is that Chase Rettig is like a B.J. Denker that can't run, and only targets one receiver.  With how much Denker was criticized by Arizona fans this year, imagine if he only targeted one dude and never ran the ball.

That would have gotten ugly over on the Twitter.

I think Rettig's shortcomings make Andre Williams' accomplishments even more impressive.  Williams is quite literally the only thing that offense has going for it.

So while this game will come down to the running backs, don't be surprised if Denker makes some sort of impact either through the air or with his feet against the BC defense.