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Advocare v100 Bowl: Predictions for Arizona vs. Boston College

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Trying to predict a football game, and what Ka'Deem Carey and Andre Williams will do.

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I asked our friends over at BC Interruption to predict not only the final score of the game, but how many rushing yards Ka'Deem Carey and Andre Williams will rack up as the two top-ten Heisman Trophy vote getters square-off.

I'm going to go with Arizona winning 41-24. Ka'Deem will pick up 205 yards, with Andre Williams getting 162. The difference will be Denker, and I think he'll get to 1,000 yards for the season by getting 120 of his own rushing yards.


via SB Nation

Here's a look at how the guys at BC Interruption see things playing out

Grant Salzano:

Zona 31
BC 24

Carey with 170 yards
Williams with 170 yards

Joseph Gravellese:

38-24 Arizona
Carey 173
Williams 164

John Fidler:

Arizona 38 BC 31 - successful first season for the Dazzler ends with a loss.

Ka'Deem Carey - 135 yards - Eagles key on Carey but are hurt by Denker
Andre Williams - 175 yards - Cats struggle to stop anyone, Doak Walker winner no exception there

Daniel Rubin:

Arizona 34
BC 20

Both guys run for 135 yards and 2 TD's. The difference is the play of Arizona's QB over BC's.

Welcome to "happy to be here" land. Population: Us.


via SB Nation

And finally a couple BC writers did pick Boston College though:

Jeff Martyn:

BC 31 Arizona 28

Williams 215
Carey 146

Brian Favat:

Boston College 27
Arizona 23

Williams 165
Carey 158
Denker 95

What are your predictions for how the game will play out?