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Arizona recruiting: Wildcats livestream National Signing Day

The Arizona Wildcats livestream National Signing Day.

The Arizona Wildcats for the first time will livestream their National Signing Day on Wednesday, so keep this tab up on your computer as you tirelessly stalk the interwebs for information about the Rich Rodriguez's second recruiting class.

Above you'll notice three views of Tucson. First, as this is written, involves recruiting coordinator Matt Dudek interviewing some awkward fans at a team shop with Wilbur and Wilma looking on in the background. There has already been a donut-eating contest, as well.

The second is a reminder that the Twitter handle for today is #AZOKGDAY. There also appears to be some premade commercials with this whole ordeal as well, although remember that today's theme is that high school kids are giving their word to play football for a moneymaking machine but will make no money.

Finally, you might get a glimpse at an unrecognizable signature being printed off in the video above as there is a camera set next to the Arizona football office's fax machine. What is a fax machine?

Below is the first half of Wednesday's signing day show.