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Arizona Wildcats football masks are first of a kind

BadAss Masks worked with the Arizona Wildcats to create a Block A facemask, among others, but it's unclear whether they will ever make it to the field.

Via BadAss Masks

If you watch social media or TV, you might've noticed the frenzy around BadAss Masks' new Arizona Wildcats football facemask. Fox Sports Arizona's Matt Swartz took an inside look at the creation of the masks, and from the look of it, the creation is far from a on-field product.

That said, it's a pretty cool story for the BadAss Mask owner Alan MacFerran, if anything.

"The more masks I get out there, the more leverage I might have," MacFerran said of his discussions with teams. "We're getting there. But (right now) we're just a very small fish in our pond."

What is neat about this is that BadAss Mask owner had a social media hit and his work wasn't done without the help of UA director of football operations Matt Dudek. ESPN's SportsNation spread the word, and the relationship within the Arizona program gives the Wildcats a unique recruiting tool. They're the first program to have work done like this.

Check out more BadAss Masks on the company's Facebook page or take a peek at their Twitter.