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Rich Rodriguez films a cowboy movie

Arizona football coach Rich Rodriguez is busy filming a cowboy movie at the Old Tucson studios, which is weird.

Rich Rodriguez has seemingly taken a liking to the Southwest. On record, he has gotten down with a mariachi band, sent a recruiting letter in the form of a Wild West wanted poster and has participated in Slip n' Slide outings.

Above, you might notice RichRod visited the Old Tucson Studios with his coaching and football operations staff to film a teaser for "Hard Edge," a play on his often-used motto.

As you'll notice, Rodriguez isn't afraid to strap himself with what the kids call "gats." He also gives no two hoots about the health risks of smoking.

The best part is the sequence where Rodriguez and his cohorts toss some guy out of the bar. Without seeing the face, it was assumed this could be Mike Stoops or Robert Anae, but turns out it was assistant coach Charlie Ragle. We don't know what Charlie Ragle did to deserve being kicked out of the bar -- counting cards at the poker table perhaps -- but we feel sorry for Charlie Ragle.

(h/t to Avinash Kunnath)