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Hard Knocks of the Pac-12: What an Arizona Wildcats version would entail

The Pac-12 Networks will unveil a show similar to HBO's 'Hard Knocks' that follows two teams behind-the-scenes for the 2013 football season. What would be the storylines for an Arizona version?

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

Rumor has it the Pac-12 Network is ready to announce a new series that will follow two Pac-12 teams through an entire football season. Sports Business Journal's Kristi Dosh and WSU beat writing Christian Caple report that it will mirror the HBO series "Hard Knocks" which follows an NFL team each season with detailed, behind-the-scenes footage of team operations and player personalities.

So hopefully before the Pac-12 announces which teams are involved let's take a look at how an Arizona Wildcats version would pan out across all sports.

-- Little beknownst to most athletic personnel and out of the pointless opinion of the Arizona Board of Regents, AD Greg Byrne has built a subterranean bat-cave-like complex under the North End Zone project. There, he works tirelessly with a team of contracted Facebook employees to create a new social network that is Google+, Twitter and Instagram combined. He plans to call it "Twoogram+."

-- Sean Miller is forced by the Pac-12 to take an etiquette class. There, he fumes over the lack of attacking style by which his classmates eat their steak in the fork-and-knife use portion of the class. It does not help that the instructor's name is Ed, who incessantly talks about growing up in the small town of Rush, Colorado.

-- Nick Johnson is also in a therapy class. He is needed to talk out his self-consciousness about his Bunnies nickname being made fun of by a Belmont blog.

-- Shaq Richardson is issued a trip to the dean's office after repeatedly interrupting class. Turns out he keeps trying to answer questions before the professor finishes asking them, which is sometimes really embarrassing. Also, sometimes he gets the answers correct.

-- Rich Rodriguez oddly extends an olive branch to Todd Graham, inviting him to his hotel room before the Duel in the Desert to talk about their past over some whiskey. But RichRod has plans up his sleeve. Rita Rodriguez feeds Graham endless amounts of her famous queso dip, causing a stuffed Graham to pass out and sleep through the next day's rivalry game.

-- Miller may be serious most of the time, but the series shows his sense of humor. In awkward fashion, his prank of creating a fake Facebook account to toy with UCLA coach Steve Alford lands the duo on the MTV hit show Catfish. On the show, Alford refuses to believe that Miller is not supposed 2014 recruit Justise Winslow.

-- Kyryl Natyazhko returns to school. He has no eligibility after playing professionally, but he thinks Tucson is fun. Also, it has nice weather and girls.For Realio.

-- Aaron Gordon shockingly quits the basketball team to take up professional parkour.