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Connor Brewer transfer: Questions for Texas Longhorns to answer

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What should Arizona Wildcats fans expect from Texas Longhorns transfer Connor Brewer?


Arizona received a commitment from Texas Longhorns transfer Connor Brewer late Monday night, and now it's a wonder if he's the most-likely quarterback to land the starting job in 2014, when he becomes eligible. So we're wondering a few things. Barking Carnival readers and writers, we ask you to help us out.

1. Gauging the internet and the star-rating, this seems like a pretty big transfer. Yeah, Texas is a bigger football school than Arizona -- by a longshot -- but was this transfer all that disappointing in Longhorn land or not that big of a deal?

2. Is this a case of a high-level recruit simply not being good enough to compete for a job at Texas? Or is it more of a fit issue?

3. Let's talk pure skillset. What does Brewer bring in terms of accuracy and traditional quarterback skills?

4. So Rich Rodriguez's offenses obviously have a lot of zone-read in them. Is Brewer capable of running occasionally or will he also struggle to fit in at Arizona?

5. What's Brewer's biggest strength?

6. Biggest weakness?

7. Quick educational lesson: Arizona has about four or five guys who have a shot at winning the starting quarterback position. Same thing next year. Knowing that and probably having as good of an idea as Wildcat fans do about the likelihood of each winning the gig, do you think Brewer can be the starter in 2014 based on what you know about him?