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Pac-12 power rankings, Week 5: Everything's shaping up

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Arizona is hanging in there as the top of the Pac-12 begins to solidify.

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1. Oregon

Last week: Bye

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Like Braxton Miller probably deserves to regain his starting quarterback position at Ohio State despite sitting out to injury as his backup shines, the Oregon Ducks probably deserve to hang onto their top spot in the Pac-12 power rankings despite Stanford making a huge statement with a win against a ranked ASU squad this week.

2. Stanford

Last week: Stanford 42, Arizona State 28

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Stanford is a hair from taking over the No. 1 spot. No matter how many times we tell ourselves that Oregon is the class of the Pac-12, the Cardinal somehow make a case for that title year after year. And they're doing it with a quote-on-quote "less exciting" brand of football, with a fan base that finds it difficult to show up to games, and without a death star.


Last week: UCLA 59, New Mexico State 13

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You've got to give it to the UCLA Bruins and coach Jim Mora. They've stayed focused after the death of teammate Nick Pasquale, who was hit by a car two weeks ago. They've not shied away from the rising expectations. And they look good with a potential Heisman candidate at quarterback who somehow got out of Arizona and ASU's respective backyards.

4. Washington

Last week: Washington 56, Idaho State 0

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Like the three teams above them, the Washington Huskies are holding steady, if only because nobody has tripped. Washington is the real deal, unlike last season when they were disassembled by the Wildcats, 52-17. Next week's game for the Wildcats is no joke.

5. ASU

Last week: Stanford 42, Arizona State 28

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This might cause controversy on this here blog, but the Sun Devils aren't dropping below Arizona despite an embarrassing loss. I'm going by where I think this team is as a whole, and they're still ahead of the Wildcats. It's just that they did a very ASU type of thing in the first half against a very good No. 5 Stanford squad -- they choked.

6. Arizona

Last week: Bye

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The Wildcats certainly deserve to move ahead of ASU next week if both teams win. The Sun Devils face USC, and while I think USC's offense is in trouble, their defense is certainly looking good under Arizona graduate and defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast. ASU should beat the Trojans, but a UA win on the road against Washington shouldn't go unappreciated. Even if the Wildcats play UW close on the road, I'll be very tempted to bump them above ASU next week.

7. USC

Last week: USC 17, Utah State 14

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The Trojans are finding their mojo. They're a defensive team and not much else, and while they're certainly not where USC as a brand should be, they're no slouches.

8. Utah

Last week: Utah 20, BYU 17

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The Utes hopped over the Beavers and Cougars this week after a nice win at BYU. The defense is certainly impressive and the offense has room to grow.

9. Oregon State

Last week: Oregon State 34, San Diego State 30

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Not good, Oregon State. The Beavs managed to come from behind from a 27-14 deficit to score 20 fourth-quarter points and avoid a very bad upset.

10. Washington State

Last week: Washington State 42, Idaho 0

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Because Idaho is just bad, the Cougars get the short end of the stick here.

11. Cal

Last week: Bye

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No game, no opportunity for Cal to right themselves in this very important set of power rankings.

12. Colorado

Last week: Bye

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It's the deepest league in the country! Don't take it personally, Buffs. You'll have your say in conference play.