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Arizona football: B.J. Denker comparatively amongst Pac-12 quarterbacks

A graphical look at how B.J. Denker's production compares to other Pac-12 quarterbacks.

Christian Petersen

It's hard to fault B.J. Denker for any lack of a passing attack. By the eye test, we're all worried about the lack of verticality in his game. Yet, when it comes down to it, Denker simply hasn't thrown the ball about because he hasn't needed to nor been asked to do so.

This doesn't account for his dual-threat skills that fit well into Rich Rodriguez's offense. The graph above is simply to show that Denker hasn't passed much and hasn't gained many yards. Denker has only 33 completions on the year for 326 yards. He's completed 56 percent of his passes and has a nearly 6-yard-per-attempt average.

Greg Hansen dubbed him the most mysterious man in the Pac-12 this week. Soon he won't be.

The point of the above? We simply don't know much about Denker.