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Arizona vs. Washington: Weather could keep the QB situation unresolved

The National Weather Service reports that there will be heavy winds as the Arizona Wildcats play the Washington Huskies in Seattle.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Think the Arizona Wildcats' passing game would need to come out and play for the first time in 2013? Think again. The National Weather Service told the Seattle Times that there should be a good bit of wind ripping through Huskies Stadium.

There could be gusts around 35-45 mph and a consistent 20-30 mph wind. It's rained already today and meteorologist Andy Haner said that another band of rain could pass by.

"It's going to be rock and roll time. This is going to be everything a November game should be, except it's September," Haner said.

So much for finding out if B.J. Denker can throw the ball. The wind is supposed to be at its worst from 3-6 p.m., so the weather could calm down in the second half. For Arizona, this could be a blessing. The Wildcats had a lot of practice going with a run-heavy offense, and the wind should likewise change how Keith Price can attack the Wildcat defense through the air.

Additionally, expect some wily special teams plays.