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Arizona football recruiting: 5-star DE Keisean Lucier-South gets 77 recruiting letters

The Arizona Wildcats apparently sent five-star end Keisean Lucier-South a small tree's worth of recruiting letters.

Matt Kartozian-US PRESSWIRE

The above is a picture by five-star end Keisean Lucier-South. In it are some of 77 recruiting letters that the Arizona Wildcats apparently sent to him. The 2015 recruit from Orange Lutheran is rated by as the second-best defensive end in his recruiting class.

His #ThankYou apparently means he wasn't too annoyed by the 77 letters. According to's Adam Gorney, all of them arrived in the mail Thursday.

This isn't the first time Rich Rodriguez has used a unique tactic in recruiting. If you consider his Hard Edge movies as recruiting-motivated-displays, then that's one thing. But it's also about personalization. Last year, Rodriguez sent star Florida running back Ryan Green a "Wanted" poster -- the St. Petersburg Catholic recruit eventually chose Florida State.

RichRod may not be making friends with the environmentalists, but he sure knows how to make his pitches stand out from the other hundreds of schools that have likely sent Lucier-South an inquiry via snail mail.