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Arizona vs. UNLV: Rebels DE gives Ka'Deem Carey locker room material

Jordan Sparkman, defensive end for the UNLV Rebels, said some things that appear to discount Ka'Deem Carey being above average.

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

UNLV Rebels defensive end Jordan Sparkman called Arizona Wildcats running back Ka'Deem Carey a big, fast guy and a good player. But apparently he's just the same as UNLV back Tim Cornettaccording to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

"He's big, he's a fast guy, he's a good player," UNLV defensive end Jordan Sparkman said. "We see that every day in practice. Practicing against Tim Cornett gives us the same look. Nothing to be fearful about. (Carey's) a good player; we're a good team.

"We're going to dominate him, I mean every play. We want him to get no yards. Not saying that if he gets yards, it's OK because he's a good player, but my mission is he's getting no yards. We'll shut him down on the defensive line and the whole defense. He's definitely the top guy. Let's cut the head off the snake, and the snake should die."

OK, so it's fair that a football player is confident and wants to hold someone to zero yards. That's fine to have that philosophy. But to say the Rebels see Carey every day in practice? To say a guy who wasn't the nation's leading rusher is as good as the nation's leading rusher? And to say the Rebels are good?

It's OK for Sparkman to believe that. Otherwise, expect to lose. Yet, it's hard to think that's a good thing to say to the media. Word just might spread to Arizona's locker room, and to give a running back who already has an itch he can't scratch even more reason to debut with a big game seems like a poor choice.

Twenty-five minutes 'til kickoff. We'll see how this goes for Sparkman and Co.

(h/t to @Zona2105)