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Pac-12 Bowl Roundup: How the conference went 6-3 in 2013

Putting the Pac-12 bowl season in a nice, tidy package

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

The Pac-12 went 6-3 in bowl games, putting the conference just behind the SEC in terms of BCS conference W-L record this year.

Not bad.

But not great considering all nine Pac-12 teams were favored in their respective games.

Will the conference be defined by Washington State's fumblitis at the end of the New Mexico Bowl?  Probably not.  But it is highly entertaining to look back at each of the bowl games and the defining images from those games.

Here's a look:

New Mexico Bowl: Washington State 45, Colorado State 48

Coug'd it away Mike Leach



Las Vegas Bowl: USC 45, Fresno State 20

And it wasn't that close.  Seriously though, how did the Trojans finish this season with 10 wins?

At least Marqise Lee can no longer have 300 receiving yard games against Arizona



Hawai'i Bowl: Oregon State 38, Boise State 23

The Beavs had a weird year.  Not as weird as this play call though

Fight Hunger Bowl: Washington 31, BYU 16

Alamo Bowl: Oregon 30, Texas 7

This game was over when this happened

Holiday Bowl: Arizona State 23, Texas Tech 37

I was actually at this game, and sitting right at the front of the ASU section on the 50.  Let's just say there were many sad devils towards the end of the third quarter, and a lot of empty seats for most of the fourth.

Kliff Kingsbury even had time to work on this during the fourth quarter



Why is this a coaching fail for ASU?  Todd Graham had no answers to TTU, and spent a lot of the game not actually watching the game.  A lot of it was spent berating his defense.  Seemed strange that the head coach spent a lot of time looking away from the field.

Independence Bowl: Arizona 42, Boston College 19

Absolute domination. Sweet conference BC.



Rose Bowl: Stanford 20, Michigan State 24

I've never seen a coach be more stubborn about play calling than David Shaw was in this game.



Of course there was tons of hilarity in this game too with the Stanford band


Anyways, 6-3 ain't bad, but it should have been better.  Good work Pac-12.