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Rich Rodriguez to Louisville rumor silenced by Greg Byrne

Greg Byrne tweeted Monday morning that he feels good about Rich Rodriguez remaining at Arizona.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With a 140-character limit, Arizona athletic director Greg Byrne quelled some worries. Byrne tweeted that he sees football coach Rich Rodriguez as a long term head coach at Arizona, which put to rest the rumors of the Wildcats head coach leaving for the opening with the Louisville Cardinals.

The quite significant comment seemed to back a tweet by Lexington Herald-Leader columnist John Clay, who reported Rodriguez was not a candidate for the opening that was created when Louisville coach Charlie Strong left for Texas.

That Rodriguez would be contacted by Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich never became more than rumor, but it was a much-talked-about scenario, even if going to Louisville would be sidestepping a bit. At the same time, the Cardinals football program is a step or two ahead of where Arizona finds itself, and Louisville has the money to make a substantial offer to Rodriguez.

Then again, Rodriguez has yet to see his project in Tucson through. It seems reasonable he'd leave for a bigger program should the Wildcats make some major noise in the next few years, but as of now, RichRod seems to be safely at Arizona.

Now, we see if Rodriguez will push for an extension.