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Coaches Association sends Ka'Deem Carey's All-American award to ASU

Ka'Deem Carey won many All-American honors, so we suppose it's inevitable one was sent to Arizona State.

If there's one thing Wildcats and Sun Devils agree upon, it's that ASU and UofA are two different schools. Turns out ESPN isn't the only college sports entity that can't figure out which is which.

This picture, tweeted by ASU media relations employee Maggie Emmons, is apparently a plaque the American Football Coaches Association sent to Arizona State. It is former Arizona running back Ka'Deem Carey's award. Again, Carey played football at Arizona.

So if you are still confused:

Arizona Wildcats: Tucson, Ariz. Colors: Cardinal and Navy.

Arizona State Sun Devils: Tempe, Ariz. (like Phoenix almost). Colors: Maroon and Gold.

Is that clear?

And yes, Arizona State is kind enough to return Carey's plaque to Tucson.