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Arizona football: Q&A with Wildcats punter and holder Drew Riggleman

I asked Drew Riggleman questions about special teams, and he answered them.

Christian Petersen

What is the process of holding on a field goal?

Drew Riggleman: So first, I count to make sure we have everybody on the line. Then I'll look down at my spot, look back at Casey (Skowron). When he gives me the nod, I'll look down and then signal for the snap.

What did you see on Skowron's missed field goal at the end of the USC game?

(Casey)'s form was a little bit off. Nothing really big.

How do you evaluate Arizona's special teams as a whole so far this season?

I think we're doing a lot better than we were last year. We seem a little bit more consistent in all aspects. Casey's come in and has been a huge help. He's won a couple games for us already and hopefully there'll be some more.

What's the punt game been like so far?

It's a struggle sometimes, but I feel overall it's been really good.

How do you improve from week-to-week as a punter?

I work on drops a lot. So I'll walk the line and do like 100 yards of just walking and dropping. I'll work on my placement, and just trying to improve on every punt. It's just muscle memory.

What's Casey's mental attitude been like this week?

He seems to have bounced back. He's really strong mentally. He's come out with a good attitude and just focusing on this week and putting it behind him and getting better as he can.

Thanks to Drew for taking the time to talk.