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Rich Rodriguez talks Arizona football, Anu Solomon, Pac-12 South, and College Football Playoff with Jay Mohr

Arizona must be good if RichRod keeps showing up on national radio shows

William Mancebo

Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez was on the Jay Mohr Show on Fox Sports Radio this week. The two chatted all things Arizona, how Anu Solomon earned the starting quarterback job, and the various college football polls.

Coach also had some interesting thoughts on the composition of the College Football Playoff selection committee, and how he thinks the whole process will play out. RichRod thinks that since everything is so public, they will do a good job. Putting Arizona 12th in the first CFB Playoff Rankings seems to have been a good job as far as the Wildcats are concerned.

They also talked about Rich Rodriguez' most memorable Halloween costume, which we found out crazy things about last year. Yes, his parents dressed him up as a bush.