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Why Oregon is full of crap when saying Marcus Mariota was hurt before Arizona game

When are the Oregon coaches going to stop making excuses for losing to Arizona?

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

After the big win for the Arizona Wildcats, the Oregon Ducks coaching staff wanted to make sure the Playoff Selection Committee should still consider them for the four-team playoff.

This is some high-quality B.S. by Scott Frost. First off, why you sending your "offensive coordinator" out there to make excuses Oregon? What's going on there?

But here is the real proof that there was absolutely no chance Marcus Mariota was injured, or at least the chance of the coaching staff knowing he was injured.

You lined him up at wide receiver and threw a damn pass to him where he had to run over two dudes to get into the endzone!

If your Heisman front-running quarterback is actually injured, you really going to do that Helfrich? Really? You really want us and the rest of the college football world to believe that?

Just stop.

You lost. Arizona outplayed you. Yes, it had to do with your banged up offensive line. But you got beat in your own house fair and square.

Own it and get better Mark Helfrich and Oregon. No one likes a whiny little baby after you lose a game the entire country thought you were supposed to win by 50.

You got outcoached by Rich Rodriguez. You got outplayed by an Arizona defensive line that had been horrible all year. This was no fluke. This was Arizona being the better team on the field, just like last year.

Now own it and stop making excuses.