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AP College Football Poll: Breaking down where voters put Arizona

No one really knows what to do with Arizona at this point.

Jonathan Ferrey

Earlier today, the Arizona Wildcats checked in at No. 13 in the coaches poll and No. 10 in the AP Poll, the first time Arizona has been ranked in the top ten of the AP Poll since 2010. It was also the largest jump for an unranked team since the poll went to a Top 25 format in 1989.

With that enormous jump, differences in opinion among the voters were sure to happen. And happen they did.

Thanks to, we can see exactly where Arizona ended up on the various ballots.

ESPN's Brett McMurphy gave the Wildcats the most praise on his ballot, putting them second in the country behind the Auburn TigersLast week, he had Oregon at one, Alabama two, and Auburn sixth. He did not have Arizona ranked.

So he moved the Wildcats up a minimum of 24 spots than where he thought they were last week.


Now for the real fun:

Some guy named Larry Vaught, who lives in Kentucky, put Arizona 19th. Which, that's fine by itself. But then you look at the rest of his ballot.

Some of the greatness in here:

He is the only person to have Alabama (5th), Oklahoma (6th), and Stanford (15th) as high as he does. Seriously, he has a two-loss Stanford team at 15.

Oregon is at 8 in this man's poll, and Michigan State is at 10. I believe his 19th-ranked Arizona Wildcats beat Oregon at Oregon, something that Michigan State was unable to do.

ASU is at 16. What?

Ohio State at 17. Because home losses to Virginia Tech warrant being ranked above an undefeated Arizona team.

There's just so much happening with his ballot. Be sure to get on his Twitter and let him know what you think about this disgrace.

As far as the rest of Arizona's placement goes, the most votes the Wildcats received were at No. 8, including from the Daily Star's Daniel Berk. Fox's Charles Davis has the Wildcats at No. 5 after not having them ranked last week.

Anyways, it's interesting to see where various writers vote teams, especially after a week like this week.

If you see anything else super weird about the ballots, let us know!