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ASU 'A' Mountain in Tempe painted red and blue

Arizona fans anticipated ASU students would be running guard shifts to defend Tempe's 'A' Mountain during the rivalry week. So they struck three weeks before the Duel in the Desert.

Arizona and Arizona State have a little less than three weeks to go before their Nov. 28 Duel in the Desert, one that could be critical to the final outcome of the Pac-12 South. The teams have two games left before they meet, but for fans the rivalry never dies.

The sun rose over Tempe's 'A' Mountain on Monday to reveal it had been hit with red and blue paint overnight.

Either Arizona fans were getting at the 'A' Mountain while they can, or there is a propaganda machine at ASU that is stirring up some Wildcat hate by self-sabotaging the iconic mountain (a la the time Oregon Ducks fans were accused of painting the 'A' green).