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Washington vs. Arizona: Rich Rodriguez hopes Shaq Thompson declares for NFL Draft

This is definitely one way to succeed against Shaq Thompson.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats welcome the Washington Huskies to Tucson, and that means Shaq Thompson is coming to town as well, UW's star linebacker / running back.

While Washington head coach Chris Petersen has said that Thompson will return to being exclusively a linebacker this week, you never know. Remember, Myles Jack had never played a snap at running back in college before UCLA came to Tucson last year.

And Rich Rodriguez doesn't want to have to wonder where and when Thompson will line up this week.

"He can be the best player on the field on either side," Rodriguez said. "He needs to go ahead and declare this week for the Draft before Saturday, before they charter their plane. I think he should really take care of himself and get ready for next April or May."

Washington has another two-way player that will apparently only play defense this week as well. Cornerback / wide receiver John Ross III is listed as the starting cornerback ahead of former Arizona commit Naijiel Hale. Ross is the team's leading receiver, while Thompson is the team's leading rusher.

Interesting that Petersen would sacrifice offense for defense this week, considering how good the starting Arizona defense has been the past three weeks. But I don't think it's safe to think that both of them will only play on one side of the ball.