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Rich Rodriguez isn't a candidate for Florida football coaching job

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According to a report by ESPN's Brett McMurphy, Greg Byrne's two fantastic hires won't be in the running for the Florida Gators football head coaching job.

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Arizona football coach Rich Rodriguez won't be a candidate to replace outgoing Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp, sources told ESPN's Brett McMurphy.

That news should sit well in Wildcat Nation, where Rodriguez's success caused a mild amount of worry as he and another Greg Byrne hire, Mississippi State coach Dan Mullen, were considered potential candidates by merit leading to speculate more than legitimate report.

Rodriguez, in his third season at the helm, has the Wildcats still in the running for a Pac-12 South division title with two games to play in the 2014 regular season to go. As unlikely as earning a Pac-12 Championship bid might be, Rodriguez's 24-12 record since taking over the Arizona program has been impressive nonetheless.

It has never gotten to the point where Rodriguez leaving Tucson was anything but speculation from the other side.

Along with the brief worry about RichRod leaving for Florida, he's also been linked by the media to the Louisville opening that eventually went to the embattled Bobby Petrino last offseason. And considering Rodriguez's history of leaving West Virginia and being pushed out of Ann Arbor, it seems that relocating many members of his old Mountaineers staff meant staying at Arizona for the long-term, at least until he could see the Wildcats to a breakthrough of sorts.

As long as Rodriguez keeps winning, these rumors will crop up but Arizona has done a bit to keep their football coach from a financial standpoint.

His contract extension through 2019 and will increase from $1.5 million to top out at $1.9 million. Additionally, the Arizona Republic reported a donation from a school benefactor's 500,000 units of a Master Limited Partnership will be given to Rodriguez. He will receive 175,000 of the units that were valued at $35.36 per unit -- Sean Miller will receive 175,000 and Greg Byrne will get another 100,000 -- if he stays at Arizona through the current contract.

The math: that's another $6.188 million (depending on how the value changes) in the bank for Rodriguez that should give him security at Arizona.