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Arizona vs. Utah: Three Keys to a Wildcats win over the Utes

Been waiting on this for a while now, paying my dues to the dirt.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Arizona Wildcats are still in the hunt for a Pac-12 South Championship the week before Thanksgiving, but need to win out to have any bit of a chance to get there.

I think a lot of the credit for Arizona's 8-2 start goes to the Three Keys World Tour, which makes its way to the Salt Lake City area this week, sort of.

SLC itself is mostly famous for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, but I will not be using them because there is no place for Christmas songs being used for a game before Thanksgiving.

Which left me with two Provo bands: Neon Trees and Imagine Dragons. And I am going with the latter, although I saw Neon Trees in Tucson this summer and it was amazing.

You might be thinking to yourself 'I thought Imagine Dragons was from Las Vegas?'. Well, sort of. Lead singer Dan Reynolds and drummer Andrew Tolman met when they were students at BYU, and the band formed a following in Provo before recording albums in Vegas.

But enough of me defending my choice. It's time to begin the Imagine Dragons Three Keys to Arizona being on top of the world, because I've been dreamin of this since a child and I don't ever wanna let you down.

1. I Need a Minute

One of the problems last week was the sheer lack of first downs the offense was getting, which ended up wearing out the defense. Arizona was 3-of-15 on third down. UW was 13-of-22. A little bit of ball control this week could go a long way, and that starts with the running game. Nick Wilson will get most, if not all, the carries this week, and the offensive line will need to step up its game to get some push up front. The Utah defensive line is definitely the strength of that team, so the offensive line will need to take whatever they learned going up against the big boys of Washington and apply it this week.

2. Tiptoe

The weather conditions are not likely to be conducive to airing it out, and that could definitely work in Arizona's favor. Anu Solomon has the weapons to throw short passes, and let the receivers make plays. And let's be honest, the deep passes have not exactly worked well for Arizona the past few weeks. Maybe the rain and ice is exactly what the doctor ordered to bring a spark back to the offense.

3. Radioactive

There are times when I wonder if Scooby Wright III and Tra'Mayne Bondurant are actually radioactive beings sent from another planet, where their mission was to wreak as much havoc in the opponent's backfield as possible. With Utah being so reliant on its running game and Devontae Booker, look for both of these guys, Wright especially, to put up some big numbers.