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ASU vs. Arizona: Three keys for the Wildcats to take down the Sun Devils

Are you listening? Whoa oh oooooohh oh oh oh

Karl Walter/Getty Images

The final regular season game is upon the Arizona Wildcats, and it's time for the Three Keys World Tour to pull back into Arizona as we await to find out where the encore performance(s) will be.

With the Wildcats taking on those Devils from Tempe, it's time to go semi-local for the official 'Three Keys' band this week. And that honor goes to Jimmy Eat World.

In my opinion, Jimmy Eat World is the best band that has ever come out of the state of Arizona. They formed in Mesa in 1993, and have released eight full-length albums since then. Bleed American and Futures are still so good.

So here we go. The final 'Three Keys' of the regular season. Take a seat in your house, just watch the fireworks, and let's take a look at how Arizona can experience the sweetness of recapturing the Territorial Cup.

1. Pain

I think everyone knows that each team will have some of their best players dealing with injury. Anu Solomon will have his ankle to worry about if he does actually see the field Friday, and ASU's Jaelen Strong will be coming back from a concussion. This is the sixth-straight week Arizona will have a game, and this is the seventh-straight week ASU is in action, so both teams haven't exactly had time to recover from the nicks and bruises suffered over the last month-plus. As long as Arizona can overcome some of its big injuries (Solomon, Cayleb Jones), the Wildcats should be right there.

2. Carry You

People may have just realized this past week that Solomon has an injured ankle, but he's been dealing with it for about four weeks now, which sort of explains the lack of execution in the passing game. No matter what on Friday, Arizona's success will come down to how effective the run game will be. After a 218 yard performance vs. Utah, Nick Wilson and the offensive line will look to build upon that confidence gained. If Arizona can establish itself in the run game, that will take a lot of the stress off of whoever is behind center.

3. Crush

This is the weekly Scooby Wright III must get in the backfield on a regular basis key to Arizona's defensive success. ASU's offensive line struggled mightily in the first half against Washington State last week, and the Wildcats need to find a way to replicate the Cougs' success. The defensive line itself has done a better job of late too, thanks to the addition of Sani Fuimaono at nose guard. Get pressure on Taylor Kelly on a regular basis, and all of the sudden, everyone else's job becomes much easier covering those ASU wide receivers.