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College Football Playoff rankings place Arizona at No. 19

A 17-7 loss to UCLA bumped the Arizona football team back in the second week of the College Football Playoff.

Stephen Dunn

The second week of the College Football Playoff rankings saw the committee move the Arizona Wildcats from No. 12 to No. 19 after coach Rich Rodriguez's team fell to a surging UCLA Bruins squad in Los Angeles.

The Wildcats fell to 6-2 on the season and barring anything unforeseen out of any four-team playoff conversation. With Colorado, Washington, No. 17 Utah and current No. 9 Arizona State left on the schedule, there's still a bit to play out here. That UCLA leapt Arizona to No. 18 and that fourth-ranked Oregon found itself controlling its own destiny shows that Arizona's schedule is considered quite daunting, even if that nonconference slate was less than impressive.

As far as the Wildcats are concerned, fixing an inept offense that showed up against UCLA is the first thing on priority list. A matchup against Colorado and what its coach, Mike MacIntyre, calls the nation's youngest defensive unit is probably the exact medicine Arizona's offense needs at this point in time.

College Football Playoff Rankings
Rank Team Record
1 Mississippi State 8-0
2 Florida State 8-0
3 Auburn 7-1
4 Oregon 8-1
5 Alabama 7-1
6 TCU 7-1
7 Kansas State 7-1
8 Michigan State 7-1
9 Arizona State 7-1
10 Notre Dame 7-1
11 Ole Miss 7-2
12 Baylor 7-1
13 Nebraska 8-1
14 Ohio State 7-1
15 Oklahoma 6-2
16 LSU 7-2
17 Utah 6-2
18 UCLA 7-2
19 Arizona 6-2
20 Georgia 6-2
21 Clemson 6-2
22 Duke 7-1
23 West Virginia 6-3
24 Georgia Tech 7-2
25 Wisconsin 6-2