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Colorado vs. Arizona: Terris Jones-Grigsby looks to repeat Ka'Deem Carey's performances against Buffaloes

Arizona has had a nice couple of years on the ground against Colorado

James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

One thing that seems to have been missing from the Arizona Wildcats the past few games has been the rushing attack. Twice now, Arizona has been held below 100 rushing yards as a team the last three games. The last time Arizona was held below 100 yards was September 22, 2012 against Oregon.

The past two seasons, the Wildcats have put up rushing games of 438 yards and 405 yards, thanks in large part to Ka'Deem Carey, and a little B.J. Denker thrown in there.

But this year, that rushing success will be based on what Terris Jones-Grigsby and Nick Wilson can do. And Jones-Grigsby is studying up on those Ka'Deem tapes from the last two years.

"We're making the cut too fast basically," Jones-Grigsby said of the struggles at running back. "It's what (Coach Calvin) Magee calls 'Taking the cheese'. It's where we see the hole and we try to take it, and it closes instead of pressing the a-gap and letting the linebackers flow and then making that cut. So we watched a few films of Colorado with Ka'Deem, and he does it perfectly. So we're going to keep looking at that, trying to study what we have to do with their defenses and go from there."

But is it Colorado, or is it the fact that this will be the third-straight year that the two teams will be playing each other on their Homecoming?

"Maybe it must be homecoming," the senior back joked. "Family's here, they're down here to support us, but it's nothing about the Buffs. They're competition and we treat every week the same."

"They're more physical up front," he said, comparing last year's Colorado team to this year's. "They're a way better team. They're defense is a lot more stacked. I guess they matured a lot. Different schedule so they faced harder opponents, so they're going to come here ready to go."

"We don't look at (their record). We treat every team the same. You can say the same thing about Cal last year. They were one-and-something going in, and we won by three or something. So we know we're going to have a tough fight with that team. They're very physical up-front with their defense so that's why we gotta depend on the run this week."

Jones-Grigsby also said that there's been some issues with both him and Nick Wilson going back to old habits that are causing them to be unsuccessful.

"We're not pressing the a-gap, and that's what we need to get back," Jones-Grigsby explained. "We need to get back to our roots. Back to what we learned about the basics of the belly. Pressing the A, and then if that's not open, the backside A."

He said that Colorado has a similar defensive front to that of Oregon, which opens up the middle a little more than usual.

"The belly's going to be a pretty big run for us," Jones-Grigsby continued. "And of course we're going to throw off that, so it depends on what they do with the outside people. But yeah, we're going back to the belly."

Nick Wilson, who was injured during the Oregon game, has not really looked like himself since that game, but this week presents the opportunity for him to get some confidence back.

"He's been staying in the training room, trying to get his ankle back to one hundred percent," explained Jones-Grigsby. "But both of us are just trying to get back to our roots like I said. But Nick's going to bounce back. We both have to basically with four games left."

There's obviously history here of Arizona succeeding against Colorado running the ball. And it sounds like that will be the first plan of attack Saturday night as the Wildcats look to regain their winning ways.