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Colorado vs. Arizona: Three Keys for the Wildcats to rise above The Fray

You can never say never when it comes to Arizona losing games they should win.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Wildcats are back in action this weekend, as they host the Colorado Buffaloes for Arizona's 100th Homecoming.

Since the team is back in action, that means the 'Three Keys' World Tour is back, and heads to the Rocky Mountains for this week's act.

While not technically from Boulder, The Fray have become one of the most well-known bands to come out of the Denver area. Since 2002, Isaac Slade and Joe King have been pumping out hits time and time again.

Last week, the Wildcats we're wondering 'Where did I go wrong?'. This week, we're going to stay up with you all night, and hopefully we don't have to know how to save a life.

1. Over My Head

Anu Solomon had his first "freshman game" last week against UCLA, and he's looking to bounce back from that in a big way. Also, according to our friends over at The Ralphie Report, Colorado's secondary is a bit banged up heading into this game, and a lot of inexperienced dudes will be trying to cover the Arizona receivers. I think Solomon will use this matchup as a spring board to succeeding not only the rest of this season, but the rest of his Arizona career a la Ka'Deem Carey two years ago.

2. Give It Away

We're still waiting for Arizona's defense to have a game where they generate multiple turnovers, and this is setting up to be that game. Colorado has one of the worst turnover margins in the country, and has a quarterback that is still prone to making bad decisions on the regular. I would expect the Buffs to line up Nelson Spruce against Cam Denson as much as possible, giving the true freshman corner a shot at proving that he belongs in that spot. For some reason, I think Will Parks is going to have a big game as well.

3. It's Not Easy Being Skinny

To force all these turnovers that Arizona fans would like to see, the defensive line and blitzing linebackers will need to get up in Sefo Liufau's face constantly to force those bad decisions. This is never easy when your starting nose tackle, Parker Zellers, is 6-1, 247 pounds. This is the game where those skinny defensive lineman can gain some confidence heading into the crucial stretch of games to end the season.