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Arizona football: Finding out what the Wildcats assistant coaches make

A look at what Arizona assistant coaches make compared to other schools

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

USA Today released their college football assistant coaches salary database, and Arizona Wildcats defensive coordinator Jeff Casteel checks in tied for 62nd nationally with his $500,000 annual salary.

Here's how all of the Arizona coaches look on the list:

Jeff Casteel (D Coord) - $500,000

Calvin Magee (O Coord / RBs) - $407,000

Rod Smith (O Coord / QBs) - $297,050

Jim Michalczik (Offensive Line) - $273,400

Tony Dews (WRs) - $243,500

Bill Kirelawich (Defensive Line) - $228,400

David Lockwood (Cornerbacks) - $212,900

Charlie Ragle (Tight ends / Special Teams) - $172,900

Matt Caponi (Safeties) - $163,500

Arizona's assistant coach salary pool is the 37th-highest in the country at $2,498,650. Some of the Pac-12 schools that have more money invested in the assistant coaches salary pool are Oregon ($3,277,584), Washington ($3,250,032), UCLA ($3,184,100), Arizona State ($3,111,620), and Colorado ($2,595,500). USC and Stanford do not have their assistant salaries listed on this database.

Seriously though, Colorado, who did not win a single Pac-12 game this season, spends more money on its assistant coaches than the team that won the Pac-12 South.

Rich Rodriguez is always looking to increase his assistant's salary pool, so look for this number to go up in the coming years, especially as high-profile schools come calling for Rodriguez' services. But the point here is that Arizona is definitely getting more bang for their buck than a number of other schools in the conference and the rest of the country.