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Arizona football: A list of Scooby Wright's postseason accolades

A long list of all of Scooby's awards

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Christian Petersen/Getty Images

It's been quite the postseason for Arizona Wildcats sophomore linebacker Scooby Wright III. Here's a look at all of the various awards he's brought in.

While it seemed like Scooby's Awards Tour last week went exactly to plan, one thing happened that wasn't on the schedule.

"I got lost and couldn't find my room in Orlando," Wright said. "I had to call (SID) Molly to help me out at one in the morning. Couldn't find it, so that was probably the most interesting thing."

Scooby's always been a guy that hates talking about himself, so his nationwide trip by himself wasn't exactly something that fit his personality.

"There was like a three-day span where I slept like eight hours because I think we hit every timezone. I was just there for the experience, but I wish I could have been working out and stuff with the team."

"I was only a representative of the program. I hate being singled out. It's a team sport. There's ten other guys on the field. It's a great honor and stuff but I couldn't have done it without my teammates."

Those teammates have been giving Scooby a little bit of grief since he got back, calling him 'Hollywood' among other things.

"Scooby's always gonna be Scooby man," Tra'Mayne Bondurant said on Sunday. "He has a lot of new nicknames around from the coaching staff and some players, but Scooby is always Scooby. That's my dawg and I love Scooby to death. I'm just proud of him."