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Arizona football: Wildcats offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek named USA Today Freshman All-American

A nice honor for Arizona's lone freshman lineman

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, the focus of the postseason awards for the Arizona Wildcats has been squarely focused on Scooby Wright III, who was named a unanimous All-American, the first time an Arizona player has done that since Chris McAlister in 1998.

But also of note is that Arizona's lone freshman offensive lineman Jacob Alsadek was named a USA Today Freshman All-American.

Alsadek started ten games for the Wildcats this season at right guard. Surrounded by seniors Steven Gurrola and Fabbians Ebbele, the offensive line led the way for freshman running back Nick Wilson and his 1,289 yards and 15 rushing TDs. Arizona quarterbacks were also only sacked a total of 32 times in the 13 games so far in 2014.

After the UCLA game, I asked Alsadek if he ever takes time to look towards the future, and how he'll be expected to step up and be a leader after three guys graduate from this year's line.

Nah, I'm more of an in-the-moment person, but sometimes it does cross my mind like 'Wow, there's a lot of people on the offensive line leaving next year', so it's gonna be different. And I'm excited to see what the future holds this spring, but this week is a big week for us.

And then before the Pac-12 Championship Game, I brought it up to him again, and there was a little bit more that the freshman was willing to offer up.

We obviously have a lot of potential, but like Coach Rod says, you never want to be comfortable, so at least for me I'm not comfortable. I still have to prove myself to the coaches. I'm still not where I want to be personally, and I know that (Solomon and Wilson), they're not where they want to be personally either. So we have to come in and work. We just have to work. We can't just be like 'We had one good season, we're good, we don't have to worry about it'. It doesn't work like that. You can fluctuate as a player, and we just have to keep going up."

Congrats to Alsadek, and also congrats to punter Drew Riggleman, who was named honorable mention All-American by Sports Illustrated.