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Arizona Wildcats: Football's success energizing the basketball team

Arizona Basketball has a pretty big game Saturday, but that won't stop them from taking in the football team's success as well

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

It's a pretty big weekend that's upon us for all things Arizona Wildcats. The volleyball team got it started in the right direction Thursday night with a three-set sweep in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Next up is the Pac-12 Championship Game Friday night, followed up by a date with Gonzaga in McKale for the basketball team Saturday afternoon.

And the newfound success in football is giving the basketball team a little extra energy heading into their big game.

"We're obviously incredibly happy for what the football team has been able to accomplish this year," said center Kaleb Tarczewski. "They've had a great season. They're obviously in a big-time game, and a lot could come out of that."

"An exciting weekend for sports fans here in Tucson, especially fans of our university," Sean Miller added. "I want to wish the football team the very best of luck in the Pac-12 Championship Game. I think everyone's excited to watch it. It's exciting, and I don't know if a coaching staff has done a better job in any sport over a three-year period than Rich Rodriguez and his coaching staff have done here at Arizona. They make us all proud, and motivate all of us to do a great job as well."

"U of A, we've had so many teams ranked this year, it's really great because it brings the whole community around all the sports," Tarczewski continued. "It's not going to be one-dimensional as a university. I think Arizona, Greg Byrne, everyone, has been doing a great job of helping out the athletic programs and making them the best they can. We definitely enjoy having great programs here."

Will the basketball players be able to watch the football game Friday night before getting some rest for Saturday afternoon's game?

"We're hoping that practice doesn't go too late (Friday) night so we'll be able to watch it and cheer 'em on like everyone else in Tucson," Tarczewski said through a smile.

Don't worry though. Sean Miller said that he'll be watching the game at his place in a "low-key" fashion. So practice should be over in time for the players to catch the game as well.