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Arizona football: A rooting guide for Wildcats fans and a Fiesta Bowl bid

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A list of things Arizona fans should root for if they want to see the Wildcats in the Fiesta Bowl

Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

After the Arizona Wildcats got thrashed by the Oregon Ducks by the tune of 51-13 in Friday night's Pac-12 Championship Game, UA might need some help to stay in the top 11 in the rankings and remain in contention for a major bowl bid, likely the Fiesta Bowl.

Basically, Wildcat fans go from thinking they want chaos to happen on Saturday, to wanting the favorites to win. Which doesn't seem like fun, but is the best thing for the Wildcats at this point.

What you should be rooting for (all times MST):

No. 1 Alabama to defeat No. 16 Missouri (2 PM, CBS)

No. 4 Florida State to demolish No. 11 Georgia Tech (6 PM, ABC)

No. 5 Ohio State to defeat No. 13 Wisconsin (6:15 PM, FOX)

No. 6 Baylor to crush No. 9 Kansas State (5:45 PM, ESPN)

Essentially, these results would give a chance of having less teams jump No. 7 Arizona in Sunday morning's rankings, leaving the Wildcats somewhere in the top eleven. The top eleven plus the highest non-power-five conference team (likely Boise State) will be in the major bowls (Rose, Sugar, Fiesta, Cotton, Orange and Peach).